Debbie Taylor’s launch of Herring Girl

Last night I attended the book launch of Debbie Taylor’s new novel, Herring Girl. Debbie had hired River Escapes Fortuna, to sail from Newcastle’s Quayside to the mouth of the river Tyne and back. It was going to go ahead, whatever the weather but it was a glorious evening as you can see.

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Debbie wanted to launch the book when the boat reached the mouth of the river Tyne as this is where much of the story is set. We sailed past the Fish Quay at North Shields and various landmarks in the story were pointed out on shore.

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When we arrived at the mouth of the Tyne, the boat turned around and we set sail backwards, listening to three readings from the book, by Debbie.

The reading

Debbie described her book as historical crime touching on romance and the paranormal. Ben is a schoolboy, who feels he should have been born a girl and can’t understand why. In the course of his journey to undergo a sex change, he undergoes hypnosis with his therapist Mary and recalls a past incarnation as a herring girl who died violently a hundred years before.

The premise is intriguing and the readings left you wanting more. It’s now on my to be read list.  After three readings, we were able to buy the book and have it signed while on the boat.

It was enormous fun and we returned to the quayside in Newcastle just before nine o’clock when the sun was going down.

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You can view Debbie’s website by clicking here and it’s listing on her publisher’s website here.

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    1. Yes it was amazing Rebecca. Thoroughly enjoyed it x

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