Hibiscus Fruit is published

HibiscusFruit_Ebook (2)Today I’m thrilled to announce that Hibiscus Fruit, first in a crime series with DS Abby Foulkes and set in Newcastle upon Tyne and the Aegean, is published.

On leave from her job in Newcastle upon Tyne, following the death of her lover, DS Abby Foulkes is on Skiathos with their young son, Johnny. But just as they begin to relax, Johnny finds human bones in a wood near a Greek monastery on a hillside above Skiathos town. It isn’t long before Abby discovers that this isn’t the first set of bones to be found. When someone disappears from the Hibiscus Fruit hotel where they are staying, Abby is drawn into the mystery.

A note about Kindle pre-orders: My first time using this facility and I did not realise that Amazon locks down updates to Kindle pre-orders three days before release. So I did not upload the final version for the Kindle in time. Many apologies. I will be uploading this as soon as Amazon unlocks the update option on the Kindle although there may be a delay before Amazon notifies you of the update. The update contains two additional scenes along with some typographical corrections.

Some tidbits from Hibiscus Fruit

close up

The hotel where Abby and Johnny stay on Skiathos is called the Hibiscus Fruit hotel. There are hibiscus flowers in the hotel garden. The smell of the flowers reminds Abby of when she stayed at the hotel some fifteen years before. She’d met her partner Rafe in the gardens below the hotel on the path to the beach.

The hibiscus flower can symbolise empowerment, something which Abby needs at this time of great change in her life.



Abby was keen to see a blue rock thrush on Skiathos and to hear it sing.

The bird’s name made her think of the blues and rock music which Rafe had loved.

She did see one and took a photograph which startled the bird so it flew off, calling out as it did so.

Then she realised she’d lost sight of Johnny.


sand castle decorated with pebbles

Johnny made friends with a girl about the same age on the sandy beach at the Koukounaries.

They made a sandcastle, with turrets, moat, and channels for the sea water. Then they decorated it with pebbles.

Then he told her about finding bones in the forest.


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