Highlights of Crimefest 2016

My highlights from Crimefest 2016 – meeting on-line friends in real life, chatting with fellow indie authors and attending numerous interesting panels – if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know which ones those were as I tweeted pictures from every one I attended!

During this festival, I met two of my favourite authors: Alison Bruce and Kate Rhodes.

Alison Bruce is the author of the DC Gary Goodhew series which is set in Cambridge.


Kate Rhodes’s protagonist is psychologist, Alice Quentin, and her series is set in London.


I absolutely love these two character-driven series with their strong but flawed protagonists and getting to know them a bit more through each story.

I met on-line friends Anne Coates and Rebecca Bradley for the first time. This is Rebecca’s photo. I’m so glad she took it. It is a lovely photo of the three of us. Thank you, Rebecca!


I also met Louise Mangos too for the first time in real life !

Here she is with Mike Linane, Alison Baillie-Taylor and Bernie Steadman.


And with Vicky Newham later on before the Gala Dinner.


I enjoyed attending a couple of Spotlight sessions this year – David Penny‘s session on Death in Crime Fiction: past, present and future, and Kat Hall’s  (aka Mrs Peabody) session on Hidden Gems of German Crime Fiction.



And I was delighted to hear Claudia Piñeiro from Argentina speak about her new book, Betty Boo.


So, that’s it for Crimefest 2016. It’s been another fabulous event, and I’ve come home invigorated, just in the right frame of mind to crack on with my own writing now!

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