It’s time to reveal the cover of my third in crime series with Abby Foulkes, Forget-me-not Blues. The first in series, Hibiscus Fruit, was set on Skiathos in the Aegean, while Abby was on holiday with her young son, Johnny. Lady’s Slipper takes place some months later, back in the North East of England, and Abby is back on home ground. Forget-me-not Blues sees Abby back in Greece again and following a lead on an old case proves to be deadly as she searches for answers to an old mystery alone.


All credit to Laura Gordon of for the cover copyright.

I think it’s fabulous!

Forget-me-not Blues will be available during 2017


I write novels - standalone and series - in a number of genres. My main aims are to present strong, developing central characters and to set their stories within realistic other worlds into which you can escape. I hope you enjoy.

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