Waiting for the next Abby Foulkes mystery?

Two women on a Greek island discover a body washed up on the beach before their early morning yoga. They are required to give witness statements to the local police but both are hiding something.

Invited back by Lieutenant Angelo Christofis, local police chief on Skiathos, Abby Foulkes returns to Greece to follow up a lead in the murder of an acquaintance there in the late 1990s. But Angelo’s partner recently had a baby and Abby senses something is wrong. When she can’t get in touch with him she finds herself alone on another Greek island, following up a lead, outside his jurisdiction. She must keep all her wits about her while she investigates old and new crimes at the same time.

The third novel in the Abby Foulkes mystery series will be available in July 2017. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.