Announcing the Spanish version of Hibiscus Fruit

Thrilled to say that Hibiscus Fruit has been translated into Spanish!

It’s got a new title and a new cover for its first-ever translation.

With huge thanks to Serena Daphn of thebookcoverdesigner.comfor the beautiful and evocative cover artwork.

hotel hibiscus fruit ebook cover

One of the joys of indie working is creative collaboration. Each year brings more rewarding experiences than I could imagine.

This year, I’m venturing into translations of my works for the first time and I was contacted in the Spring by a lovely young lady asking if she could translate Hibiscus Fruit into Spanish. Coincidentally, my son, Aidan, who is studying Spanish and is highly passionate about the language, happened to be at hand. So he kindly checked the first 10 pages and the deal was done.

I had no idea what to expect as it is my first pass through the process with Babelcube, a company which works to pair authors and translators for collaborative ventures. And I was very excited that I got to work with two young people in different countries on opposite sides of the world. It’s been a double delight working with Pilar Ordaz, in Mexico, on her first ever translation of a novel from English into Spanish, and Aidan, here in England, on his first ever proofreading and text editing assignment.

Although it was the first time through this process for all of us, I’m very happy at how the Spanish version of Hotel Hibiscus Fruit has come to fruition. And with three pairs of eyes, it has been through a rigorous quality control process!

The book is released by Babelcube through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.