Out of the Tower


Out of the Tower is a detective story of the emotions.

Jemima Forbes is seven years old when a mysterious event occurs that causes both her father and uncle to disappear from her life overnight. The novel is an exploration of obsession, of how she discovers what happened.

The novel was shortlisted for the Constable Trophy 1992, a competition for the best, unpublished novel by a writer from the North of England. It reached the final eight out of over 200 entries.  Here are a few of the comments I received from the judges: “powerful”, “strong”, “heartfelt”, “admirably tense”, “a work of great promise and individuality”, “carefully thought out”, “subtlety, deftness and poetic nature of idiom”.

Available on kindle and in paperback now from Amazon in the UK  or in the USA.

Audiobook coming soon


I write novels - standalone and series - in a number of genres. My main aims are to present strong, developing central characters and to set their stories within realistic other worlds into which you can escape. I hope you enjoy.

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